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BPS are always looking for ways to support our students have a positive experience at school every day. While it would be nice to say we have a perfect school where bullying doesn’t happen but it unfortunately occurs in all school playgrounds.

For the remainder of 2022 BPS are looking to utilise an online platform called Stymie.

Stymie enables and empowers students. Our students will be able to make notifications about someone they believe is being bullied or harmed. This could include themselves.

Notifications can be anonymous. They are forwarded to appropriate members of staff and will be managed within our school’s wellbeing processes.

We hope this system will empower students and provide another avenue for students to report all kinds of concerns, safely and anonymously.

We hope to challenge the norm of remaining silent and empower bystanders and people who are being harmed to take some action.

Overcoming the fears and social pressures that prevent many students from being able to say something is a challenging and sometimes frightening process.

Being able to anonymously report, relieves feelings of helplessness for those who want to help their peers but don’t quite know how.

Further information about Stymie can be found here.

The notification form can be viewed here.